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Every now and then someone comes up to me and tells me they wish they had a job like mine. They say I get paid to do what I like doing anyway so what kind of real job is that? Well I must confess that its not an entirely inaccurate description, because even after more than 25 years of mucking around in the kitchen, I still get as much of a kick out of putting together a great recipe as I did when I was an overly enthusiastic young student at the London Cordon Bleu. 
Upon returning to KL, getting employment in a commercial kitchen was easy, but sticking to the unsociable, back-breaking hours and lean pay was harder. My impatient, ambitious young soul was starting to rebel against the mind-numbing routine that forms much of the workday of a lowly pastry cook stuck in the bowels of a large hotel kitchen. (Make 30-egg sponge cakes, split said cakes into three, perfectly horizontal layers, spread with butter cream and so on, infinitum.... ) As soon as the opportunity presented itself, I made a switch to working with food - still my first love - from a more comfortable position. I did that by sweet-talking the editor of Her World magazine into hiring me as their resident food writer (and even now I still work with them).

Happily installed in an office filled with interesting people, a Poggenpohl kitchen and photo studio, I spent seven thoroughly enjoyable years filling the food pages of that wonderful magazine with appealing, workable recipes and eye catching pictures a skill I still use today in my work as a recipe consultant to food companies, restaurants and publications.

When Im not teaching classes, developing recipes, writing about food or styling pictures for photography, and more recently, looking after our interesting guests at Bayan Indah, I take the time to travel, eat, prowl markets and explore the ever-exciting, fascinating world of food. Did I hear you say that I had a great job? I think so too. If you want to contact me about my work or about attending a class or a little stay at Bayan Indah, my email is - I look forward to hearing from you!