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"Bayan Indah"  



let's cook!

I am Rohani Jelani at Bayan Indah. Together, we’ll make some great-tasting dishes, have fun while we’re at it and then sit down to enjoy the results. Whether you’re a novice who needs practical help or an accomplished cook looking to expand your repertoire, or a casual cook having fun at a company gathering with us, you’ll get to work on some exciting recipes, pick up a few cool presentation ideas and have a lovely meal at the end of it!

You don’t have to bring anything except a generous dose of enthusiasm, a genuine love for food and a pair of comfortable shoes. All ingredients, equipment and recipes will be provided, even the aprons. And even if you are not making all the dishes for a class, we will give you the recipes for everything covered by your class theme.

Classes are held at my specially-designed kitchen in Sungai Pencala. For a peek at the fun and action at our latest classes, please take a look at our facebook page or Class in Action.

So please have a look at our cooking class diary and join us at Bayan Indah. And if you have any special requests from our extensive range of themes, please do let me know. Or, even better, create your own culinary days out via our alternative class options.

Oh, just so you know, please note that we also now specially cater for creative groups and imaginative companies who want a special day out for themselves or their clients or guests. Do click here to see what we can do to create an unusual and gratifying day out.