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Your Customised Class Options

We recognise that our class schedules and your schedules may not always tally. In addition, you may wish to learn about a specific class theme rather than what's on our diary at the moment. So we have devised some new flexible schemes to suit your company schedule, your colleagues' time, your friends and family and most importantly, your high expectations.


Group Private Class

This option caters for a group (normally a minimum of 12 persons, up to 20 maximum) who wish to do all together one of the themes offered at Bayan Indah. We normally require at least two weeks' notice beforehand, so that we can prepare everything for you. Each person is charged as for a normal class. For many corporates, this is a great teambuilding activity where everyone has to work together to conjure up a wonderful meal - it is a great sense of achievement when everything works out!


Shared Group Class

If you cannot quite rustle up a gang of 12 people for a Group Private Class, but can raise 6 or more people, we now offer the option of a Shared Group Class where we also invite the public to join your class on the day to make up the numbers. The chances are very good that other people will also like your chosen class, so just contact me about what you would like to do. It's a great way for you and your friends to mingle and make new friends too.


The only thing is that we would normally require a minimum of 4 weeks' notice in advance for such a shared class as we need to let other people know. Each person is charged as for a normal class.


Private Cooking Party

This is a special group session (normally a minimum of 12 persons, up to 20 maximum) and is a mixture between a Group Private Class and a Personal Private Class. We introduced this as a lot of people and companies want to create their own individual menu where they can mix and match dishes from different class themes to create a special private cooking party.


The fee charged would depend very much on the dishes selected but usually it is not more than for a normal class as we try to be as flexible as we can. If you wish, you can even tell us your dietary preferences, the style of cooking you like (eg. Nyonya, Italian, fusion, Malay, etc) and we will customise special menus for all of you to cook and enjoy.


Personal Private Class

This is a full day intensive course, starting at 9:30AM, which focuses on providing personal instruction on any 6 dishes chosen from any of the themes available at Bayan Indah. On request Rohani will even do special dishes which are not on our themes. So if you are a relative novice or a working chef wanting to expand your culinary repertoire, you can (or we can help you) devise a class to match your needs perfectly. We will make the effort to understand what you want so that you will get the special instruction and attention that you need, whether you are already a professional cook or someone wishing to cook a family dinner for the first time.


Numbers are kept very small, normally only 1 or 2 persons per day although we can extend this on special request (eg. for partners or families). The fees are significantly higher due to the exclusive nature of this class, so if you are interested, do contact me for details.


Private, Special Events

Additionally, we also cater for private events, such as corporate seminars, company dinners, management meetings, staff days out, client days, spouse days out, product launches, teambuilding challenges, Masterchef contests, private family gatherings, bridal showers, birthday parties, small receptions, etc. Note that we don't offer a list of set services - we listen carefully to what you want and then we discuss and customise our offerings for you. To see how creative and flexible we can be, have a look here.


(A Little Notice)

Please note that we are not a restaurant/hotel which handles multiple groups in a single day, so every such class or event means that the whole of Bayan Indah will be dedicated exclusively to your class or event and unavailable for anyone else - we never do more than one event a day to ensure our highest level of service for our clients. Hence please understand that we will require a deposit before the date as confirmation.



If you wish for such private or shared classes or cooking parties or events or variations of the above, please contact me for details.


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